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By Chase Whale | October 22, 2012

Average American male Greg (Greg Vorob) has an unexpected visitor one morning while he’s getting ready for work – his guardian angel. Like angels do, he pops up out of nowhere. This over-enthusiastic Angel (Elmer J. Santos) tells Greg to wear his red tie to work. A confused Greg listens and soon finds out the higher ups at his company are also wearing the same red tie and they strike up a delightful conversation with him about it.

Cut to next scene and Greg is on lunch. Angel tells him to get cookies as his snack and to trust him, then disappears. Moments later a beautiful colleague walks up, tells him she loves cookies, and they set a first date. Dream come true, right? Greg’s Angel soon becomes more of a curse than a blessing when he shows up at every important and private moment in Greg’s life, however, telling him to say this and that. It confuses Greg and soon wraps him in a web of misfortune.

I really enjoyed Greg’s Guardian Angel, the brainchild of writer Dan Conrad and director Dan Kowalski. I’d like to see them expand this into a series or perhaps a feature. They have the right confidence to deliver effective comedy and know when it’s time to shift the style in a new direction.

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