Before Ed Powers showed us what a Dirty Debutante was, we had Bob Crane cranking out his own amateur porn. Yes, that Bob Crane, Colonel Robert Hogan of “Hogan’s Heroes.” Sure, his dirty little movies were for his own personal collection, but you can still site Crane as a pioneer of amateur smut.

Starring Greg Kinnear as Bob Crane, Paul Schrader’s Auto Focus focuses less on Crane’s “Hogan’s Heroes” glory days and more on his downward spiral into sexual addiction before his brutal murder in 1978, which still remains unsolved.

Kinnear spoke with us about what it took to become the lecherous Crane as well as shared his thoughts on what exactly happened to the self-destructive actor.

Get the interview in part two of GREG KINNEAR: FOCUS ON MISBEHAVING>>>

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