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By Chris Gore | June 2, 2000

Grass offers an in-depth history of the prohibition of pot. The film is narrated by huge hemp supporter and big dope smoker, Woody Harrelson. Using anti-marijuana propaganda films going back as far as the early 1900s, this revealing documentary shows just how futile our government’s attempts at curbing the American people’s craving for canabis have been. Tens of billions were spent in the 1970s alone on the war on drugs. Obviously, this film comes packed with an agenda, but no matter where you stand, this is a seriously entertaining look at the issue.
I don’t smoke pot myself, but I have always felt that it should be legalized and regulated just like alcohol. What’s really ironic, is that the movie itself, while critiquing the propaganda machine, ends up itself a big piece of pro-pot propaganda. Which is not totally terrible. I mean, there is such a thing as “good” propaganda like the “got milk?” marketing campaign which reminds people to drink the good white stuff. And is “Grass” good propaganda? Damn good!

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