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By Film Threat Staff | October 28, 2003

Our own Chris Gore will be moderating the schedule of panels at this year’s Marco Island Film Festival, November 5-9. These panels include:
Critics can make or break a movie – or at least that’s what some filmmakers would tell you. Filmmakers are irresponsible – or at least that’s what some critics say. Are movie critics simply frustrated filmmakers? What qualifies a filmmaker to express their controversial points of view? This lively discussion will pit the critics against the filmmakers touching on topics such as morality, sex, nudity and violence in today’s movies. You will not want to miss this intense discussion of the movies.
Whether you are an avid moviegoer or a filmmaker, there are wonderful benefits to traveling halfway across the world to see a movie at a festival. How do filmmakers use the festival circuit to launch their careers? Where is the best festival to discover exciting new movies? How do the smaller regional film festivals stack up against the larger fests? This panel of filmmakers and festival directors from festival directors from Atlanta, New York, and Florida will explore the ins and outs of the festival circuit. Plus helpful travel tips to help you on your journey toward discovering the best of the fests.
Fame, glamour, travel and excitement all come with the life of an actor, right? Wrong! It’s not all fun and games. The life of a “working” actor takes passion and an endless desire to endure the cattle call of casting sessions. Get the inside scoop on what the life of an actor truly entails with our celebrity panel. They’ve been in the trenches and they’ll tell us firsthand what it takes to make it in the movies.
This jam-packed panel of independent filmmakers will reveal how they put their lives on hold to make their dreams come true. Discover what it really takes to survive those years of struggle to make a movie. Through production war stories, we’ll learn the tried and true methods used by indie filmmakers. Find out how to use the limitations of low budget filmmaking to achieve a certain aesthetic. From screenwriting, financing, producing and promoting, the filmmakers on our panel will tell-it-like-it-is. You’ll learn what they don’t tell you in film school.
Miss these panels and feel like a dumbass forever.
For more info, visit the Marco Island Film Festival website.

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  1. Matches Malone says:

    I’m thinking I should be on the ‘Make Your Own Damn Movie” panel myself, but I won’t be in town that week 🙁 I guess I’ll just have to follow the tweets when the time comes….

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