“Stethoscope” is a “gore-nography” film – perhaps the only of its kind – combining hardcore pornography with horror film gore. The story opens on a seemingly abandoned warehouse where 4 young partygoers stumble across a sight unlike any they’ve seen before: a ritual feeding of sex zombies, who thrive on both flesh and sexual pleasure. One by one, the watchers are aroused and drawn into the erotic fray; where by force or by their nature, they surrender to carnal desire and become one with the zombies. As the orgy and body count grow in number, there remains one person who is pure of heart… Will he surrender to an untapped desire or will he escape with his purity intact?
Preceding the film’s showing will be a performance by noise fetishist “The Endless Spiral,” as well as a presentation of behind-the-scenes photographs taken by C. Taylor of Seattle. Those wishing to learn more about Stethoscope, as well as the production company’s future sex epics, may participate in a post film Q & A with the filmmakers Kiyan Smith and Kenneth Thomas.
The premiere screening of “Stethoscope” takes place November 28th at The Little Theatre in Seattle, WA; 8pm (608 19th Ave East at Mercer) and you can get more info from the official Scourge web site.
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