Chris Gore, the overlord of a mini-empire known to all as Film Threat (heard of it?) sees an insane number of movies every year — over 200, to be semi-precise. “Wow, what fun!” is what you’re probably thinking. It’s fantastic when you get to see challenging, well-made stuff like “Requiem for a Dream” and “Unbreakable”. But for every gem, there’s a “Vertical Limit” or a “Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps” to klump things up. After years on the job, Gore has seen enough to know his stuff.
He’s done print, maintains a snappy web-home, and even hosts his very own television show. So that of course leaves radio, and Gore’s been the featured guest on the syndicated talk spot [ ” The Beth Lapides Show” ] over at ComedyWorld.com. several times now. Hear him rant and rave and give his take on the movies of 2000, which is funny as well as informative, but laugh your a*s off when you discover that he’s one of those people that still says “www” when talking about a website. Just like Mom! Lend your tender ear to the [ Chris Gore webcasts. ]

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