Soon you won’t even need to pay for the airfare to go to your favorite film fests, just flip on the Internet. That’s what companies like Centerseat are aiming for in the early ether of the broadband future, at least. The digital media and entertainment company has signed deals to present coverage of film festivals, including streaming of select films, from their website. Look for the following festivals on the Centerseat site: NewFilmmakers, Telluride IndieFest, the Central Florida Film and Video Festival, the Mix Film Festival, the SIMBAL Festival, the Saguaro Film Festivals, and the Firewater Film Festival.
All coverage on will feature such Internet buzzwords as high-quality full motion video, contextually related interactive rich media information and e-commerce opportunities, providing viewers with a total immersion experience. But will you have to fight to get an uncomfortable seat in front of your computer? We didn’t think so!

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