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By Chris Parcellin | April 25, 2002

New York City’s Troma Studios are known for their low-budget shlocky movies filled with cheap monsters, cheap effects and cheap women. Sure, most of the civilized world goes about their business happily unaware that the Troma mini-empire is churning out these semi-rancid works of debauched fun. But to many underground film fans, flicks like “Tromeo and Juliet”, “The Toxic Avenger” and “Citizen Toxie” snap, crackle and pop with absurd dialogue, bad acting, mucho T & A and that indefinable something that has put Lloyd Kaufman and his company on the indie map.
Troma’s pride and joy are their Tromettes — (mostly) sexy, young actresses who work for next to nothing in their cheesy epics and who often show a lot of flesh, and leave the real acting to those uppity snots at the Actor’s Studio.
One of the most eye-popping Tromettes is 23 year-old Tiffany Shepis. Having spent nearly a decade under the twisted tutelage of Kaufman, she combines a rather cartoonish sex appeal with a loopy, smutty personality that the youngsters are bound to love. Best of all, Tiff has lately branched-out from her Troma family and has a sizable role in indie darling Matthew “Freeway” Bright’s almost certain to be sick serial killer movie “Bundy.”
It turns out Shepis had plenty to say about this and other topics. And if you can get past the fact that she has frighteningly vivid hallucinatory arguments with her mother, she seems like quite a charming young gal.
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