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By Chris Parcellin | April 25, 2001

Were you rebellious when you were growing up? ^ Who sweet li’l nice darling me? No way I was a saint…………. ^ (Mother interrupts). “Is she out of her mind? She was a nightmare…” ^ (Tiffany) I was not a nightmare. ^ (Mother) “Oh yeah, what about the time you got arrested for fighting a girl…? Or the time you got arrested for fighting that boy…? Or what about the time you almost got arrested for fighting the janitor — for breaking up the fight between you and two girls?” ^ (Tiffany) Well, none of that was my fault. Anyway, besides that I was a good kid… ^ (Mother) “Well, what about the time you got us kicked out of our building cause they said you tried to arson the place?” ^ (Tiffany) That was an accident…^ (Mother) “And what about the time you…” ^ (Tiffany) Damn, Mom… F**k! Next question.
Yeah, okay. So, how did you become an actress? ^ Well, when I was a kid — if you go by what my mother said in question number one — I was a really bad kid and I guess karma does come back…Bad freaking luck. (smiles)
How did you hook up with the Troma people? ^ I hooked up with the Troma people when I was about 13 (but don’t tell anyone, they thought I was 15). Anyway, I auditioned for “Tromeo and Juliet” and was too young to play any lead roles. So, Lloyd wrote in a part for me that was originally made for a man . I played Peter a bodyguard/cousin of the Capulet family. (The) fun part (was) I got to kick some a*s and even scar an actor for life on that set… FUN.
So, what’s Lloyd Kaufman really like? ^ Lloyd I have known for about nine years — and still, after traveling all over the world and meeting some of the craziest people on the planet — is the weirdest, nuttiest, freakiest, cheapest, smartest, coolest man that I have ever met in show business. Lloyd really is how you see him on tv, very whacked out and desperately in the need of some ritalin/valium cocktails. The one thing I can say is that Lloyd even though there films are filled with blood gore tits a*s and plenty of cannibal lesbianism he really does let you explore yourself (and I don’t mean masturbation) as an actor.
What would you say your image is? Are you a bad girl? ^ On my image: I don’t really know what one might call me. I guess I’m not your typical girl next door, but I’m also not your Harley-riding, gun-toting bi-atch! I think I’m kind of just like one of the guys I like to drink, smoke and I love to talk about sex (wait that’s a w***e)… Damn! Skip this question too.
What are you like in real life? ^ Unpredictable, funny, a li’l bit crazy, witty, sociable, very flirtatious, sexy and sometimes a bit mean.
Do you have any stories about people acting jerky towards you on movie sets? ^ People acting jerky to me? That’s a dumb question.
Well, that’s because I’m a dope-hence I’m interviewing you. Ahaha…You were in a flick called “Emmanuelle 2000”. What were you up to in that one? ^ I just did a friend a favor, and played the host of a Halloween party. I’m having a great time until my husband starts fighting with me over really stupid s**t and as I’m about to rip him a new a-hole I get hit with a invisible orgasm — Yeah, it’s an academy nominee for sure. Actually, it’s kind of like a “Porky’s” meets “Weird Science.”
What can you tell us about your role in Matthew Bright’s upcoming Ted Bundy biopic “Bundy”? Did you know much about Bundy before you made the film? ^ I’m a very big serial killer buff. Actually, some boyfriends in the past have gotten a bit freaked out about how the only books I ever read are about them. An ex-boyfriend — Christmas one year — gave me about fifty books (all happy ones). So, yes, I knew a lot about Ted Bundy. I play a character named Tina Gabler. She is the only one that get’s away, who inevitabley ends up getting him prosecuted. In real life that was not her name, but the person who it happened to would not allow the real name to be used. Bundy is a very real depiction of the very sick and twisted serial killer’s life. F**k! I mean he was like your hot next door neighbor who you came outside everyday to get your paper and take a glance at him leaving for college… He was hot and he was a sick f**k… Fascinating. Bundy should be out sometime this year and I hear that we may have gotten a theatrical on it. Matthew Bright’s stuff is however a li’l hard to get out there. I mean, if you saw Freeway on DVD it’s probably the rated version, ’cause the unrated (version) was too hardcore to release. All and all I had the best time ever working with Mr. Bright ,and have some projects slated with him for this year as well.
What’s the hardest part of being an actress in B-movies? ^ Well, where should I start? No union. So, people can really do whatever they want. Most of the writing sucks. You have to deal with providing your own clothes sometimes. (And) deal with the fact that you are only getting paid two hundred dollars a day to run around half naked with blood all over you. And you’re shooting a film that should be shot in twenty-two days in two. Other that that it’ s great. Really, I mean, you get the chance to create a character all your own-’cause most of the time you have had more experience than your 18 year-old director and you can kind of tell them what to do. Damn! I’m such a bitch.
What do you hope to ultimately achieve in showbiz? ^ Ultimately, I hope to make one or two films that people — whether it be mainstream or B — that people will remember like 20-30 years from now. Think Waxwork or the first “Nightmare on Elm Street” or perhaps something like blue velvet (I love David Lynch more than anything). That’s it I don’t need to win an Academy Award. I just want to do a memorable, edgy, fun film that I’m proud of.
What’s your message for America’s youth? ^ My message to the American youth: Kill yourself. The world is only getting worse. Ha ha! I don’t know hon, make up my answer for me… No, really — a message for the American youth? Keep that job so you can keep buying my s**t off of eBay. (smiles)
Color photos by Julie Strain. Get an even more in-depth look at Tiffany Shepis’ official web site.
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