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By Film Threat Staff | June 23, 2003

We love hearing from all you guys, but it’s the bizarre letters that make it a joy going through our endless string of incoming emails. This is what someone just sent to us in regards to “Bruce Almighty”:
To the attention of valuable movie reviewers as well as the cast Jim Carrey, Jennifer Aniston, Morgan Freeman and the director and producer Tom Shadyac and others who are involved in the making of the film, Bruce Almighty, as well as faithful Muslims, Christians and Jews who should be informed and cautioned regarding the implications of this film over religion and society: How can you reject God, when you were dead and then He gave you life, then He will make you die and then give you life again, then you will be returned to Him? (Qur’an, 2:28) “Has not the One God made and sustained for us the spirit of life?” (The Book of Malachi, chapter 2) “And you return to the LORD your God and obey His voice, according to all that I command you today, you and your children, with all your heart and with all your soul…” (Deuteronomy, 30:2)
After having being informed of the film, Bruce Almighty by Universal Pictures that was launched on May 2003 for public view, I find it a responsibility to write about the severe implications of this film over religion and how disrespectful it is to people living in all parts of the world, whether Muslims, Christians or Jews, who have belief in God, the Lord of All the Worlds.
By addressing the movie reviewers who have the responsibility to evaluate the movies, scenarios and actors or actresses, I kindly ask you to consider this aspect of the film Bruce Almighty and publish your reviews in order to stop the film’s broadcast in movies all around the world. I assume you will share this responsibility with others who understand and interpret the film from a moral point of view.
Universal Pictures has made a great mistake by setting up such a film that will have very negative critics from people in both the Western world including Europe as well as the East owing to its wrongful intent to misinterpret a very important part of one’s life: religion and submission to God. I believe and see that intellectuals, academicians, professionals, scientists, readers and writers, parents and children are very much disappointed and regretful of the company which has conflicted with the teachings of all divine religions and their belief in God. That is why the authorities of Universal Company as well as the cast who have taken roles in the film should recognize and announce their mistake in being a part of such a production that has given a bad reputation to its participants in every part of the world.
As a matter of fact, the film’s scenario is based on a fundamentally corrupt logic, unreasonably giving a totally false message to the viewers and the film’s scenario is in essence against all Divine Religions and the Truth, that command belief in a Supreme, Omnipotent God, Who has created the Heavens and the Earth. First of all, the writers, producers, cast and makers of this film should be aware of the mistake they have fallen into and realize how evil the intention and implications of this film is and that they should fear God and repent for what they have been up to, and take heed of the following since they have forgotten:
GOD IS OUR CREATOR: Wherever you go, God is there, even if it is the remotest corner of the earth. He surrounds you even at this very moment; He is nearer to you than your jugular vein. He rules your body, your room, and the city you live in, the whole universe and all the worlds you are unable to see; furthermore, He has the knowledge of their past and future. Man is responsible to God, our Creator; he will taste death sooner or later, and will then be called to account in His presence, all alone. As a consequence to this account, he will either spend the rest of eternity either in Paradise or in Hell. However, if he becomes carried away by daily routines and fails to exercise his wisdom, then he may well come to forget this truth. Only those who reflect more deeply on the events and beings that surround them can arrive to this important conclusion.
GOD SHOWS US HIS SIGNS OF CREATION: Reflection upon one’s own creation alone would make a person realize God’s signs of creation and favors on him. It will eventually make him conscious of the necessity of making serious effort to show devotion to his Creator. Initially, he was nothing; then, he began life as a single cell invisible to the naked eye. This cell divided billions of times, and gradually grew into a man with all his organs intact. More importantly, this being acquired life, a soul, though he had been nothing. A drop of sperm developed into a lump, and then into a being, able to enjoy the faculties of thinking and speaking. It is His Lord Who created him from nothing.
GOD IS THE KNOWER OF ALL THINGS: Whether you divulge what is in yourself or keep it hidden, God knows it. Not a single word you whisper is kept hidden from Him. There are no secrets for God; He knows your secrets and anything you think you keep hidden. He is exalted above anything and far from any deficiency. God is not in need of anything. He is far above human failings such as sleep, hunger, thirst and fatigue. Everyone will certainly die, but God, the Living, will remain alive for all eternity. Everyone is subject to God. God, the All-Knowing, encompasses everything in His knowledge. It is He Who gives knowledge to people, from the little child to a scientist. He is knowledgeable of the unseen as well as the visible. He determines the number of everything in the heavens and earth, including stars, trees, animals, people, and the amount of rain that falls on earth:
GOD IS IN CONTROL OF EVERYTHING: Every event taking place in any corner of the universe is under God’s control. He knows every aspect of events, whether they are secret or open. He also has knowledge, not only of us, but of everything in the heavens, in the earth and all that is in between. God is the Owner of all the worlds. This being the case, never forget that nothing, not even something of minor importance, is hidden from Him, and that all thoughts and all acts, including your own, are under His control. That is because God knows what one experiences all through his life, of which He is keeping an account, in their detail. God never forgets anything.
GOD ENDOWS US WITH HIS FAVORS: Never forget that it is God Who has given you everything. Take a look around you; everything you see is meticulously prepared to meet your needs and given to your service. Now look at the sky and try to recognize everything you see around. This is the way to have a better grasp that it is God Who gives us many favors we see or fail to see, and it is God to Whom we must feel grateful. It is God Who creates the human body, which still remains a mystery, despite the greatest technological achievements, and maintains the functioning of all its organs in perfect harmony. It is also God Who puts hundred billions of galaxies in motion in a perplexing order; Who makes the daytime suitable for activity and the night for rest; Who makes the sun orbit so as to meet the requirements of all living things.
SATAN AWAITS TO LEAD YOU TO TORMENT: Contrary to what the majority of people think, Satan is not an imaginary being. As a part of the test in this world, one needs to be always watchful against Satan. Because, revolting against God, Satan swore to lead His servants astray. Satan is the most avowed enemy of mankind. This being will also try to mislead you by arousing in you sinful desires. However, an important point should be noted here; as is stated in the verses above, the major goal of Satan is to make you, along with the rest of mankind, follow him. The accursed Satan will not relent until you enter Hell. Therefore, never forget that you must always be wary of him and not follow any of his temptations.
GOD FORGIVES HIS SERVANTS WHO TURN TO HIM SINCERELY: In this world, there is always the opportunity to repent and the hope of being forgiven for one’s mistakes and sins. In God’s religion, one does not have to bear the burden of his past misdeeds. Asking for God’s forgiveness, and turning towards Him sincerely, will relieve him of this load. At that moment, he will only be responsible of his deeds and thoughts from then on. Meanwhile, never forget that God accepts only a sincere repentance and not the repentance a person asks when death comes upon him.
Know that God is fierce in retribution and that God is Ever-Forgiving, Most Merciful. (Qur’an, 5:98)
Burcu Soysal

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