A couple days after Film Threat announced our very own Best Films of 2006 list, announced their Golden Tomato Awards for the Best Reviewed Films of 2006. Winners include:

“The Queen,” with 98% favorable reviews followed closely by “Casino Royale” with 95% favorable reviews. “Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan” took the Golden Tomato for comedy. “Cars” won for animated film, “The Departed” was named best thriller and “Pan’s Labyrinth” was best foreign film.

“Children of Men” took science-fiction honors, “The Descent” won for horror film and “Lassie” was the top family flick. “The Science of Sleep” was named best romance and “Wordplay” won in the documentary category.

It wasn’t all good, as the non-coveted Moldy Tomato, awarded to the worst-reviewed film of the year, went to “Basic Instinct 2.”

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