Hey Gang-

I’ll be in Las Vegas December 3rd through 5th for a two-day film festival summit called, oddly enough, the International Film Festival Summit. The summit takes place at the Luxor Hotel, so, if this interests you in the least, come on by.

A few years ago I was the keynote speaker in New York at the very first IFFS event where I bombed terribly. The total lack of sleep might have contributed, but I was way off my game. Anyway, I’m just being honest. It was a lot of fun to meet festival directors from all over the world face to face and exchange ideas about exactly how to best put on a film festival as well as service filmmakers.

I’ll be moderating a panel called “Guerilla PR for Film Festivals” on Tuesday, December 5th at 2 to 3 PM and expect to certainly introduce helpful new ideas for fests trying to get off the ground. Here’s the panel description:

This session will provide a number of suggestions and tools detailing how to leverage the internet, media, and filmmakers themselves to promote their festival. Additionally, the session will go into how to use local resources to reach out to targeted groups to increase attendance.

I plan to make a major announcement regarding the next edition of my film festival book.
But, more importantly, on Sunday, December 3rd, I’ll be looking for something to do in Vegas. In fact, I’ll be looking for something to do every night I’m there — is there anything cool to do in Vegas?

Anyway, visit the IFFS web site for more details. If, for some reason, I don’t respond to my actual name, it’s because I’ll be going by my Vegas name, “G-Bone.” Don’t ask. Well, you can ask, but you have to be in Vegas.

Gore gone!

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  1. Hey Chris, I have a certain person’s phone number I can pass on… if you get lonely out there…

  2. Felix Vasquez Jr. says:

    “How about G-Bone?”
    “There is no G-Bone!”
    “There’s a G-Spot.”
    “That’s a myth!”

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