By Merle Bertrand | September 3, 2001

Attorney John Pennington (Fabien Ray) had had a really lousy day by anyone’s standards. Within the span of a few hours, he’d lost his job at his law firm after expecting to be made a partner, came home to find his wife in bed with his best friend, drank himself into a coma, only to be rescued by his father who, in the ensuing trip to the hospital, was killed in a car crash. Ouch. Kinda makes you feel sorry for the guy, even if he is a lawyer.
Which explains why “Going Postal” from director Ian Falconi, is little more than Pennington’s videotaped suicide note. There’s not much to judge with this micro-movie. It is, after all, merely a one-shot, six minute-long rant into the camera. Ray turns in a compelling, error-free performance as Pennington; no mean feat considering the single long take nature of “Going Postal.” It’s easy to believe, based on this performance, that Pennington truly is a man who’s been pushed to the end of his rope. Still, with the kind of bad luck streak he’s been on recently, things could have been worse.
He could have videotaped his suicide note…and forgotten to put a tape in the camera.

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