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By Hammad Zaidi | May 21, 2013

Happy Birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday, and welcome to the three-year birthday party of Going Bionic! I can’t believe this column is three years old. Like I’ve said previously, when I started doing this on May 18, 2010, I thought Mark Bell would let me write one, maybe two articles. Since this edition is our 160th, I need to thank you Mark, for keeping me around. I remain indebted to you for giving me this opportunity, and I will continue to give our readers bionic information for as long as I am able.

Whether you’ve read every single Going Bionic article (which I know you haven’t, because my mom even hasn’t) or whether this is the first time you’re chosen to “lend me your eyes,” I thank you for popping by. What I’ve assembled for you today is links to 27 articles that are still able to help you as much today as they could have when they were first published. Should you have any questions, feel free to email me, and I’d be happy to get back to you. So, without further adieu, let’s start this birthday party!

Select Articles From 2010

Film Markets – May 18, 2010
This is our maiden voyage. This was the first Going Bionic.

Film Festival Strategies – June 8, 2010
Every filmmaker should give this article a look, before they go on their film festival run.

Delivering Deliverables – September 28, 2010
Most filmmakers aren’t aware of deliverables, what they are, or how they work. However, the second you sell your film, you are going to have to know every bit of the items listed in this article.

Development Hell – August 3, 2010
When is development not hell? This will help you turn down the heat.

How Not To Get Screwed on Your Distribution Contract – August 10, 2010
Since this article came out, I’ve received north of 100 emails and phone calls from filmmakers who said they used it as a reference during their negotiations.

A Case For Never Giving Up – November 16, 2010
Are you in need of inspiration? Here’s a quickie for you.

Avoiding The Holiday Deathtrap – November 30, 2010
Hollywood tends not to work during the holidays. Here’s a calendar of when to submit your project, and more importantly, when not to.

2010 Year-End Review – December 28, 2010
Wrapping up 2010.

Select Articles From 2011

Options – Part One – January 11, 2011
Understanding options is a vital element to your success.

Options – Part Two – January 18, 2011
Read above. Ditto.

The Art of Pitching – April 26, 2011
Here are a few key points to help your pitch go smoothly.

Distributing Documentaries – May 10, 2011
Having produced a few docs, written one, and distributed several, this article will help you with positioning your documentary in the current marketplace.

Things to Do With Your Project When (You Think It’s Dead) – July 19, 2011
Everybody has dead projects. Here are some quick CPR tactics.

Securing Music Right – August 30, 2011
Music can be very cost-effective, or very cost cumbersome, depending on how and when you address the issue….

Breaking in From the Outside, Part 1 – November 15, 2011
Everybody outside of L.A., NYC and Austin should read this.

2011 Year-In Review
Wrapping up 2011.

Selected Articles from 2012

Non-Exclusive Distribution Contracts are Non-Starters – January 10, 2012
This article is very important for many V.O.D. contract situations.

Obliterating Your Career Roadblocks – May 1, 2012
More inspiration, because all of us know we need it.

Filmmakers vs. Distributors, Part 1 – June 12, 2012
This is the truth about the war.

The September 11 Special Edition – September 11, 2012
One of my favorite articles, probably second only to the article I wrote the week my daughters Zoe and Lena were born.

OMG! They Said Yes! Now What! – September 18, 2012
This lists things to do when you get that fateful “yes!”

Branding Yourself! – October 23, 2012
Filmmakers have to think of themselves as a brand. Here’s a start.

Branding Your Film! – October 30, 2012
Here’s how to brand your film.

The 2012 Year-End Review + Christmas Bonus – December 25, 2012
Here’s our 2012 wrap up, plus my favorite Christmas films.

Selected Articles From 2013

Almost Criminal Contract Clauses – January 8, 2013
Here are some contract clauses that should raise the red flag.

How Second Weekends Tell the Real Story – April 23, 2013
Opening weekends may get the hype, but second weekends tell the real story.

Reinvigorating Your Creative Juices – May 7, 2013
Here is yet another dose of inspiration.

Okay friends. That’s what I have for you on this 21st day of May. I can’t thank each and every one of you enough for lending me your eyes over the past three years, because without you, there would be no Going Bionic. So, for the 160th time, I thank you for lending me your eyes, and I truly look forward to borrowing them again next Tuesday.

I can be followed on Twitter @Lonelyseal.

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