Hi everybody! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Mine was spent attending the fourth annual Lady Filmmakers Film Festival (www.Ladyfilmmakers.com) in Beverly Hills, which always offers an abundance of great women filmmakers, posh parties, and informative panels. I actually served on their Saturday morning distribution panel, which was fun as always. I was so impressed with how much their festival has grown, I’m sure I’ll share a more detailed account of what they have to offer sometime in the coming weeks.

As for this week’s focus, today I’m introducing you to Andrew Matlock, my creative and corporate partner in the video game and multi-media space. Andrew is the CEO and Creative Director of Industry Corp, a Kitchener, Canada based gaming and multi-media company that’s about to become a household name to many households throughout the world.

More importantly, Industry Corp is about to rise to the top of the “companies I have to work with before I die” list, because the only thing that rivals their limitless creativity is their overt ethics. Hence, Industry will soon become a creative playground and safe haven for filmmakers, writers, musicians and actors, much like HBO became about 10-12 years ago. I know how outlandish the previous sentence is, trust me on this one: You have a better chance seeing Halley’s Comet twice in your lifetime (Halley’s Comet swings by Earth every 75-76 years), than you do finding a company that treats creative types as well as Industry Corp does.

While I have an informative interview with Industry Corp CEO Andrew Matlock all loaded up and ready to unleash, I’m going to hold that big dog back until next Tuesday so I can give you a quick overview of what Industry Corp has to offer.


Video games may be what Industry Corporation is primarily known for, but those games also serve as massive springboards into creating television series, motion pictures and other forms of visual and auditory media. Thus, the words “it’s just a video game” only applies if the project is meant to be “just a video game.” However, should you have a project that would benefit from creating an audience as a video game before it becomes a feature film or television series, then Industry Corp may be the perfect home for your project.


A healthy music library grows daily as Industry Corp continues to identify new and fresh musical pieces from new and fresh musicians and singers. Furthermore, the people at Industry are open to considering various music genres and styles, because their video games can be vast content departures from each other. Thus, various games demand various styles.

Additionally, Industry is also representing musicians and singers in a management capacity, and they plan to keep growing that roster.


Much like the music section above, Industry is growing a talent roster to collaborate with on their company’s various projects.

For Hire

Industry is also well versed in creating projects for outside clients. Thus, if you have a project that needs to brand itself, there are few better ways to do so than to have a bit of cutting edge “electronic magic.”

Why Industry Corporation Will Soon Become Industry Standard

  1. Their contracts endorse creativity, instead of arresting it.
  2. Their distribution network laces several countries.
  3. They cut checks, not corners.

While there is a plethora of multi-media companies vying for the opportunity to create content for projects like yours, Industry Corp also strives to create, nurture and maintain mutually fruitful collaborations with amazing creators like you.

On that note, this 125th edition of “Going Bionic,” signs off for seven days. I thank you once again for lending me your eyes, and I’d love to borrow them again next Tuesday! I can be followed on Twitter @Lonelyseal.

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