Welcome to Going Bionic #254. Today we’re analyzing Fifty Shades of Grey, which as you may well know, crushed all Valentines Day weekend records.  In addition to reporting on the film’s dominant stats, today we’re discussing the staying power, or possible lack thereof, of the picture during week two and beyond. So, without further ado, let’s peel away shade after reveal shade of Fifty Shades of Grey at the box office.

By the Record Breaking Numbers
Fifty Shades of Grey earned an astonishing $94,394,940 in 3,646 theaters from Friday through Presidents Day Monday, which is a $25,890 per screen average. The release into 3.646 theaters was the single-largest of its kind for a rated “R” film, and the picture had the most pre-sales ever for and picture listed on Fandango. Naturally, these numbers dominated the box office and rewrote history. However, upon closer examination, early indicators point to Fifty Shades of Grey losing its steam on the second half of the holiday weekend. For example, the picture earned $30,300,000 on Friday, February 13, and $36,700,000 on Valentines Day Saturday the 14th, (a 21.1% increase), But, Fifty Shades of Grey only earned $18,043,000 on Sunday the 15th, which is a sharp decrease of 50.8% from Saturday’s numbers. The film earned a respectable $9,352,000 on Presidents Day, Monday the 16th, even if the take was down 48.2% from Sunday’s earnings.

Word-of-Mouth Might Suck Mightily
Cinema Score, which are polls taken from viewers leaving the screenings of Fifty Shades of Grey, only gave the film a “C+.” Naturally, such a week response is going to make it difficult for the film to reach a $200 million dollar domestic box office total.

International Box Office Thrived
Fifty Shades of Grey rocked the international box office by earning $158,000,000 million in 58 markets over the weekend, and another $14,000,000 when counting early screenings and Monday, giving it $172,000,000 of international earnings. The total clearly made the film more powerful overseas than at home. Furthermore, it upped its total worldwide total to north of giving the picture a total worldwide box office total of more than $266,000,000. The most notable international markets include the U.K. at $21.1 million, Germany at $15.2 million, France at $12 million, Russia at $10.5 million, Mexico at $8.1 million, and Spain at $7.9 million. The picture is yet to open in a few more international locations, including South Korea.

Overall Outlook Shines Even if the Film Tanks in Week Two.
Even with likely more than 50% of the film’s moviegoers to have already seen the film on opening weekend, and a “C+” Cinema Score, virtually ensuring there will be little to zero repeat business, Fifty Shades of Grey is still in position to earn $170 million at the North American box office, and another $300 million internationally. Thus, even if Fifty Shades of Grey tanks in week two, it’s still in position to make $470 million worldwide, on a $40 million dollar budget. Those, my friends, are impressive numbers, no matter how you look at them!

That’s what I have for you today. As always, I thank you for lending me your eyes, and I’d be honored to borrow them again next Tuesday. Until then, I wish you a great week. I can be followed on Twitter @Lonelyseal.

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