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By Film Threat Staff | July 5, 2000

The Japanese Science-Fiction and Monster Weekend will be held from July 14th through the 17th at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. The weekend will feature a new 35 mm print of the original Japanese version of GODZILLA and the U.S. theatrical premieres of MAKARAGA: MOON OVER TAO, ULTRAMAN TIGA: THE FINAL ODYSSEY, RING, and REBIRTH OF MOTHRA. The movies are presented in association with G-FEST 2000.
Beware, Los Angeles — your sunny hills and strip malls are about to be invaded by hordes of gigantic, radioactive lizards, 3-headed dragons and space moths! For three days, the Egyptian plays host to some of the most famous monsters in Japanese cinema – including Godzilla (and son), Ultraman, Mothra, and King Ghidorah — along with rare U.S. appearances by some of the main creative talents behind these legendary creatures, including director Keita Amemiya (MAKARAGA: MOON OVER TAO), actress Megumi Odaka (GODZILLA VS. DESTOROYAH), producer Kiyoshi Suzuki (ULTRAMAN TIGA: THE FINAL ODYSSEY), suitmation actor Haruo Nakajima (GODZILLA), and visual effects directors Sadamasa Arikawa (GODZILLA) and Koichi Kawakita (GODZILLA VS. DESTOROYAH).

The series coincides with the annual G-FEST Convention for Godzilla and Japanese monster fans, which features seminars, special guest appearances, dealers’ rooms and more. G-FEST 2000 will be held this year at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. For more information call: (614) 470-0108, e-mail to [ g-fest@neptune ] , or check out the website at [ ].
Please note that G-FEST attendees receive a $2.00/per ticket discount for screenings during this series (limit one ticket per screening.) You must present your G-FEST badge at the Egyptian to receive this discount.

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