By Admin | November 26, 2006

A young mother, Cynthia, questions her strict religious beliefs when her daughter dies in her sleep shortly after being born. Cynthia is heartbroken and confused as to why God would claim such an innocent soul, but believing that God loves the good souls and punishes the bad she comes to the conclusion that there must be a shortage of good souls in Heaven and this is why her baby girl was taken from her. She then further rationalizes that, since she’s lived by such a strict moral code, she may be next to be plucked from this Earth to go play with God in Heaven. Problem is, she’s not ready to go, so she devises a plan to dirty up her soul a bit by doing bad things, such as attempting to engineer fatal accidents for other people and finally pulling off a deed that lands her in her own lonely little world, something a lot like Hell.

Experimental in form and complimented by spooky, droning sound design reminiscent of something like Henry Spencer’s cold existence sounded like in “Eraserhead,” “God’s Little Girl” completely immerses you in Cynthia’s grievous world, not to say that the film is a total downer, however. Undying religious faith gets a good smack in the a*s here, so those with a dark sense of humor will be able to dig through the gloom and have a few laughs at the events that unfold. Haunting…but funny.

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