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By Felix Vasquez Jr. | November 8, 2007

“I’m sure we’ll be up and running soon. Like Bush says. I’m sure he’ll stick to his word.”

Some people just need religion in their lives. Some of us choose to live without it, and view it as nothing more than a crutch. But for the injured, they need the crutch. The folks who suffered through the horrible ordeal of Hurricane Katrina need this crutch. They need religion because it keeps them going. It keeps them fighting, and it just keeps them moving forward without breaking down.

And then there are certain folks in New Orleans who are so wrapped up in their own self-righteous beliefs, and sheer cruel words of god, that they see no real horror in New Orleans, as we see in a minister who believes New Orleans was destroyed because of the sinning, and homosexuals.

What we see in “God Provides” is that religion is a powerful tool. It keeps us strong, it keeps us in denial, it keeps us callous, it keeps us inhuman, and it keeps us delusional. It brings about a notion that there will always be something watching out for us, even in the face of death and pure destruction.

Many of the folks in New Orleans are still suffering. Many of them are still holding on and waiting for help, and many of them are homeless, and religion has helped many to come to grips with it.

God provides. The government on the other hand?

If you saw “When the Levees Broke” you know the answer to that.

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