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By Mark Bell | May 11, 2013

Rose (Connie Sechrist) and Wade (Carl Schreiber) are being chased by a zombie horde through the woods. They escape into a seemingly abandoned cabin where, upon taking stock of the remaining ammo situation, certain philosophical differences become apparent. Rose just wants to survive, and will kill any zombie that gets in the way; Wade sees the undead as “God’s children,” and is far less inclined to wantonly pull the trigger.

As far as being a spin on the zombie genre, or giving us something new, the film achieves something by giving voice to a perspective that is less common when folks are running for their lives. It is humorous, to an extent, that Wade can be as philosophically diehard in his pro-life devotion to non-violence considering the circumstances. And, you know, that’s the whole joke of God Hates Zombies!

The problem is that the film doesn’t do too much but present the somewhat unique premise before being exactly like every other zombie film you’ve ever seen. So the short becomes a neat moment, or perspective, with some humor but not much else.

Which, even at only seven minutes, feels like it goes on too long. Like a Saturday Night Live skit that seems promising but ultimately goes beyond its charm. Still, the zombie make-up is solid, the film looks and sounds really good… you can’t fault the technical aspects of the filmmaking, or even the performances. The idea was just too thin, or at least in how it is presented here. The Wade character and his beliefs are a fun flavor, but as the main dish, it’s just not substantial enough.

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