By admin | June 12, 2014

Florian (Denis Aubert) owns a French deli in Germany that specializes in salami. Enamored with a certain type of French woman ever since his youth, he thinks he’s found the love of his life in Camille (Leslie Dubreuil), the daughter of a famous French director. Camille hasn’t necessarily been forthcoming with Florian, as she is already engaged to an actor in her father’s new film, and doesn’t see her affair with Florian to the same degree of romantic seriousness that Florian does. On the side lines is baker Jenny (Marina Senckel), Florian’s best friend, who has long harbored a crush for him, and is on the verge of finally letting him know how she feels.

Michael Glover’s Go With Le Flo has the right tone for a whimsical romantic comedy, but it doesn’t quite live up to the hints of its own potential. For a love triangle scenario, and a vibe that brings up memories of Amélie, the film doesn’t push the envelope enough; you keep expecting things to get really out there or zany and playful, but it instead remains quite bland. Considering you probably predicted how this would play out by the time you finished reading the synopsis, it’s important for the film to have more to it.

Which is not to say that the film is poorly made or a bad experience. It is still fun and has a certain amount of charm to it, but for a feature film it doesn’t elevate itself beyond the familiarity of its elements to make itself memorable. It’s a fine romantic tale, but not one that stands out.

But the film does look good, and the vibe is upbeat and entertaining. The performances are solid, and the film knows how to have fun. It’s not an unpleasant film to watch by any stretch, I just don’t know that I’d ever feel the need to watch it again; no moments stand out to me as something that is so enticing that I’d want to stick with it, for example, if I came across the film while channel surfing.

Overall, I think Go With Le Flo is a good enough film; if we look at it like an order from the deli, it’s the type of meal that you don’t have many issues with but, if someone asked you whether they should order something from there, you wouldn’t necessarily lose your mind suggesting it. It is what it is; it does the job just fine.

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