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By Film Threat Staff | December 21, 2000

The deadline looms large. To cut to the chase and save you a few submission-related moments, the Neo-Pangea Film Festival is accepting films of all shapes and sizes in digital video, film-to-video, and Flash formats until [ January 1st, 2001 ] . The online Festival itself will explode on [ March 2nd, 2001 ], as in 03/02/01.
If that’s all the information you need, then get your stuff together and prepare to send away. For the rest of you, know that Neo-Pangea is an underground and cyber-tech outfit that aims to promote good film over crappy film, plain and simple. The top ten selections will be screened on the site, and with the combined power support of affiliates like [ ] and [ ] lots of attention will follow. For all of the necessary details, see the incredible [ Neo-Pangea site. ]

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