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By Film Threat Staff | July 3, 2002

Newcomer Ana Barredo’s indie “A Real Job” recently graced the pages of always-cool Yolk Magazine, and the film’s about to be released on VHS and DVD thanks to Grand Fenwick Productions and Image Entertainment.
Ana’s inspiration for “A Real Job” originally came from her years working as a video store clerk while finishing a Psychology degree at UCLA. The story takes on love on the rocks/between the video racks:
Meet John St. Clair, a happy employee at Videoland, home of a thousand movies. One fateful night, while serving behind the counter he meets Denise Hunter, the girl of his dreams. Their love blossoms amidst a colorful array of characters: John’s movie-savvy co-worker intent on breaking into Hollywood, their perpetually angry Indian boss, and an old school pal who points John to a new, upwardly mobile career at Goldbar, Inc. Going from t-shirts to neckties, John takes on his new job to impress Denise. However, his conscience is torn when his new corporate life threatens to wipe out his beloved video store and swallow up time he could be spending with his true love.
For more on “A Real Job,” including upcoming screenings and soundtrack info, send your resume and three letters of recommendation to the official “A Real Job” site.

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