By Admin | November 22, 1999

A well-made, original film, Glass, Necktie, paints a disturbing picture of deception and infidelity amongst a group of friends. The one complaint I had about this film was that there was almost too much involved in the story. Bear with me as I explain. Steve (Eric Cadora) is having an affair with Selena (Nancye Ferguson), who is married to Mike (Eugene Buica), who is the brother of Steve’s friend Alan (Kirk Stricker). Moving right along; Alan suspects that Selena is having an affair, but has no idea who it is with. Mike fends off his brother’s accusations, basically saying that he appreciates the concern but his marriage is his concern. Mike’s nonchalant attitude comes as no surprise when we learn that he orchestrated the affair as a secret perverted show. In the mean time Steve tries to initiate a friendship with Mike as a way to make his apparent involvement in the “affair” more exciting. Hungry for more? Well, Alan eventually learns that Selena’s beau is Steve and taking the matter into his own hands, lashes out, injuring Steve. Oh yeah, Steve’s wife Lourdes (Dorothy Gallagher) learns of his shenanigans and takes revenge by starting her own affair. After you’ve thrown all of this into a blender, you’ve got a complex yet engaging story that pays off with some remarkable insights into characters we cross paths with everyday. Director Paul Bojack is a talented writer and filmmaker and Glass, Necktie should see some play on the festival circuit.

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