By Admin | May 2, 2001

In ancient Rome war and brutality were a way of life of life. Rival factions were constantly vying for absolute power in the mighty empire. But, of course, when Seduction Cinema gets hold of historical costume dramas like this, somehow naked lesbians become major players in the epic struggle. And so “Gladiator Eroticvs” is the story of a Roman general (Darian Caine) who not only defeats enemy forces handily, but also inspires her troops by removing her metal chest plate and showing them her ample rack as well as engaging in simulated sex acts with other very attractive young women. A great leader? Indeed.
Emperor Gluteus Maximus (Jeff Faoro) is at odds with his son–who sports the equally unfortunate name Dickus Minimus (John P. Fedele). The fair General Eroticvs falls victim to the savage politics of the day and is imprisoned and forced to become a gladiator. Eroticvs wows the Coliseum with stellar fighting skills and a body that just won’t quit. So, the question becomes: Will Eroticvs escape this twisted turn of fate and take her place as one of the most revered warriors of the Roman Empire? Furthermore, will she exact vengeance on those who’ve subjected her to unspeakable degradation?
Does it matter? This film is really all about lots of steamy softcore lovin’ between extremely hot-looking women. Misty Mundæ is a particular stand-out in this jaw-dropping babefest. And, on that level, this is the best production yet from Seduction Cinema. John Bacchus’s direction is getting slicker and more professional all the time.
“Gladiator Eroticvs” is a fine showcase of B-movie eroticism that neatly avoids most of the genre’s pitfalls, and delivers an amusing, sexy ninety minutes of dumb fun.

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