If you’re a fan of the bands on Hellcat Records, then you are going to love this film, which features many of that label’s bands doing their business live. You’ve got Rancid (of course), the Horrorpops, Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros, Dropkick Murphys, Roger Miret and the Disasters (who do the Agnostic Front classic “Crucified”), current alternative radio faves the Transplants, and many more. In addition to the concert footage, you also get behind-the-scenes looks at a few of the bands, but none of that footage is really necessary. You’re watching this for the music, not photo shoots.

The sound is exceptional, and the camerawork is more than adequate.
All told, it gives one a real sense of being in the pit as these bands perform, and that’s what any good concert film should do. Consider this a must for those who enjoy Hellcat’s offerings, and a definite should-see-as-quickly-as-possible for anyone else into punk music.

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