Here we go again; time for the annual SXSW Film Festival. Don and Gore are already in Austin, TX and Vonder Haar and I will be making our appearances starting tomorrow. I should touch-down, airplane traffic permitting and on-time, around 2pm local time. Looking forward to this year’s festival, because I’ve got some interesting coverage ideas. For one, the webcam will be mobile throughout the festival, as it will be physically attached to me, either via personal helmet-cam (making the image look like the snorri-cam from “pi”) or via a shoulder-mount (making the rig look like the laser gun on the Predator from, uh, “Predator”). The cool thing about the helmet and shoulder rigs are that I can also turn them into handheld webcam rigs too so… many, many options. Should be a blast. Tune into the frontpage of, the blogs, Back Talk, my MySpace page or Film Threat’s MySpace page to watch the feed.

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