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By Doug Brunell | November 29, 2003

If you are an obsessive writer whose favorite comedian is Woody Allen, it just makes sense that you’d obsess with getting your movie script to the man. You’d also obsess over the price of food, your kissing proficiency and just about anything else you could ever imagine. Such is the plight of Keith Black, who is playing … Keith Black. He has a script he needs to get to Mr. Allen, and when he meets a gorgeous girl with similar personality traits (the incredibly talented Georgette Malone), he’s sure she can help him fulfill his dream. She does work for Allen’s optometrist, after all.
This is funny, funny stuff. Black and Malone are dead-on actors who have nailed their parts, though I’m not entirely convinced that Black is actually playing a role. I suspect that he does have a script for Allen sitting around his cluttered office, and I think Allen would be wise to at least check it out. (It may even save his reputation, which has been slowly sinking these last few years as he’s made bomb after bomb.) Then maybe this can go from a comedy to a documentary, though I’m sure Black would worry that it wouldn’t do well, his girlfriend would leave him, and then he’d get cancer. But, hey, at least he knows how to get a cheap final meal.

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