By Admin | October 9, 2001

When it comes to the arts, you’ve most likely heard about Olympia, WA in relation to its music scene. What many people don’t know is that there is also an organic and thriving film community here. From October 12th – 21st the Olympia Film Society presents the 18th Annual Olympia Film Festival. It’s true, seventeen festivals have come and gone without many film lovers in the NW knowing about them. This year, however, we are letting you in on the secret so that you can be a part of this special event. What exactly have you been missing out on? For one, the OFF has been home to many illustrious guests. Past guests include: Noam Chomsky, Guy Maddin, Russ Meyer, Allison Anders, Paul Morrissey, Lydia Lunch, Jim McKay, Crispin Glover, Kenneth Anger, and The Brothers Quay, to name but a few. Second, being a relatively small community, the festival is able to truly transform Olympia, creating an atmosphere as creative and unique as the films themselves. But the main reason to attend this year’s festival is the great line up of films, many of which you won’t be seeing anywhere else, and which we are proud to have procured for your edification and enjoyment. Please join us.
Some Festival Highlights: ^ Djomeh by Hassan Yektapanah (assistant director for Abbas Kiarostami). Yektapanah has been hailed as the new voice of Iranian cinema. ^ A Skin Too Few; The Days of Nick Drake by Jeroen Berkvens. A lush documentary on the life and music of the tragically short lived, influential and enigmatic folk singer. ^ Fear of Fiction a Lars Von Trier Slide Show by Jack Stevenson. Stevenson will also present a rare screening of the early Von Trier feature Epidemic. ^ Charlie Ahearn, director of Wild Style (heralded by The Source magazine as “the best hip hop movie of all time.”) and Fear of Fiction, will present his films. He will also show a slide show and music presentation that traces the emergence of hip hop from the 1970’s club scene. ^ Jeff Krulik will present the cult classic Heavy Metal Parking Lot plus more shorts including I Created Lancelot Link and other pop culture nuggets. ^ Jay Rosenblatt is a therapist turned director of found footage movies. His movies show every year at Sundance and this year he’ll be in Olympia to present his work. ^ A presentation by Portland filmmaker Lance Bangs. Aside from making his own films, Bangs is Spike Jonzes’ right hand man, single handedly doing the behind the scenes documentary work for the films Being John Malkovitch and the upcoming Adaptation. ^ Rock Pretty Baby (1956) with Rod McKuen as the rocker, Sal Mineo in his loosest role, and John Saxon as the poor man’s James Dean. Plus The Cool Ones (1967). Weird parody and bizarre excess, a musical take on the Phil Spector Story with Roddy McDowell and Mrs. Miller! Rock and Roll Orgy: Jack Stevenson’s own 16mm compilation with trailers, out takes, short subjects etc… of early rock films with performers like Elvis and Martha and The Vandellas. ^ Spies. A silent movie made by Fritz Lang, director of Metropolis featuring a live score by The Black Cat Orchestra.
Also……. Golden Oly Shorts (the best local and international short films), CineX (a presentation of the finest local and international short, experimental film and videos), and the perennial favorite All Freakin’ Night. This amazing event starts at midnight and goes until dawn. Confirmed films: A brand spankin’ new print of An American Werewolf in London, Killer Klowns from Outer Space, and Bio-Zombie from Hong Kong!
Get more info by calling 360-754-6670 or visit the official Olympia Film Society web site.
Check out’s FILM FESTIVAL ARCHIVES for more fest news!

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