By Chris Gore | July 21, 2007

I’ll be making the annual trek to the San Diego Comic Con on Wednesday and I can’t wait. I plan to leave my keyboard behind for several days of actual physical contact with people. Specifically, geeks like myself who travel to SD for this, well, Geekapalooza — a celebration of all things pop culture from movies, comics, tv, action figures and more. I’ll be a part of G4TV’s Comic Con Live Show on July 26th and 27th.  So if you can’t get to the con, check out two hours of coverage daily which should be pretty cool.

Last year, someone decided to sell beer to my geek pals Matt, Mark and I. The results were crazy, beer can make you feel funny and it’s even funnier when geeks consume massive amounts…

I’ll also be moderating a panel at the con on Thursday, July 26th. Here are the details– 2:00-3:00 G4: Code Monkeys

The secret history of videogames is exposed in G4’s Code Monkeys, an animated comedy of 8-bit proportions. Code Monkeys creator Adam de la Peña, one of the warped minds behind Minoriteam, Crank Yankers, and The Man Show, offers his unique, behind-the-scenes insight into the rowdy celebration and biting parody of videogames, technology, and pop culture. Room 4.

Oh, and there may be a swanky Film Threat party celebrating the filmmakers with movies playing at the Comic Con International Independent Film Festival. I don’t have full details yet, but if you see me, ask.

See you at the con!
Gore gone!

P.S. NEED A ROOM? If anyone headed to the con still needs a hotel room, I have an extra reservation from Wed-Sun at the Marriott Marina next to the convention center. Message me if you are interested, otherwise, I’m canceling. Hotels in the San Diego are completely sold out, and all I want to do is help out a fellow con attendee.

Cos-play is something that has always fascinated me… where’s that party?

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  1. Nathaniel says:

    I wonder if they have shown “The Dark Knight” teaser yet. I’m looking forward to seeing it.

  2. Mark Bell says:

    Geekapalooza, huh? You just can’t help yourself with them “apalooza” modifiers, can you?

    I like the pic of the ladies in costume too. Especially because you get a sense of impending doom from the one on the right, because she sees something. My guess is it’s about 500 sweaty geeks with action figures and digital cameras salivating over the opportunity to 1.) take a picture WITH the ladies, 2.) take a picture OF the ladies or 3.) kidnap the ladies to have incubation options for the soon-to-be-hatched alien cocoon in their parents’ basement.

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