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By Chris Gore | July 17, 2006

Hey gang-

Okay, the most amazing geek event of the year is finally upon us — the San Diego Comic Con July 20th-23rd! It’s not just comics, it’s everything pop culture including comic books, videogames, cartoons, art, TV, and especially movies. I’ve been attending for over ten years now, and it’s difficult to describe to anyone who’s ever been — it’s 100,000 like-minded nerds, geeks, fans and creators coming together in the colossal convention center and celebrate all that media junkies like myself worship. Best of all, fans can connect directly with artists and creators to interact and share ideas.

And I’ll be there to enjoy it all! Where can you find me? Easy, here’s my schedule to make your stalking plans easier:

– Film Threat booth #C6 – Look for me at the booth which is in the hall closest to the Marriott located somewhere in the back. Come by just to say, “Hi,” and check out our indie DVDs along with our new line of kick a*s movie-related T-Shirts that are incredible.

Film Threat and Suicide Girls in a tree… K-I-S-S-I-N-G – Okay, this year we’re sharing a booth with the Suicide Girls. Sure, FT is fringe culture film and SG is fringe culture nakedness and, well, we like each other. So, c’mon by and chat with a live girl — just be polite and buy something.

– Friday, July 21st, 5 PM – 6 PM – Indie Film’s Final Frontier Panel – Join me and other independent film folks for what is sure to be a lively panel on the future of filmmaking.

– Events at the FT Booth – In addition to meeting the filmmakers’ behind our DVDs, you’ll be able to meet Christy Marie, the covergirl for our Starwoids DVD. I mean, I defy you to even utter the words “Slave Leia Bikini” and not get excited!

– Film Threat Party – Well, it’s going to be at a small underground club in the gaslamp called “The Naked Faerie.” And unless you’re on the list… well, you’re not getting in. Sorry folks, it’s a small place and I can’t afford to get arrested at another party, much less, my own.

Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival – This year I served on the jury for the festival (along with Amber Benson and Thomas J. McLean) and saw some amazing films. So, come by the awards ceremony on Sunday, July 23rd at 11:30 AM – 12:15 PM to get a look at some incredible genre work from around the world. Here’s a link to the complete film festival schedule.

I have so many memories from previous cons — hanging with Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes at the Mallrats party, meeting Stan Lee, that time I was drinking at that one party and getting wildy romantic with a girl in a full Planet of the Apes costume — it’s an event not to be missed. I’ve included some photos below from Comic-Con’s past for you to enjoy, so check that out also. See you at the Con!

Gore gone!

Mmm… nice n’ bloody.

Latex repels all sorts of liquid… including nerd sweat.

This burlesque show at a local SD bar was a geek’s fantasy come true.

Kill me slowly please.

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