By Admin | February 4, 2004

I hated the title and I’ve always just hated the word ‘gaydar’ in general, most likely since being half-gay myself, I should have some type of technology, internal or external, at my disposal, but I just don’t. Title notwithstanding, this movie was just plain funny. The concept is funny. The execution is funny. The cast is funny. And I swear to god, even the prop is funny: which is a gaydar gun with a ‘homometer’ on it! My friend Joe and I, (and I bet a few other folks who’ve viewed this film), were pretending we had our own gaydar guns even before we hit a local bar.

The running time is perfect, the joke neither becomes grating nor unfinished, and the central idea concerning Randy, played by Terry Ray, a man who finds a gaydar gun at a yard sale held by the romantically shafted Bullock, is something I wish I had thought of first. The movie never becomes preachy, nor does it take itself too seriously, even in the end when an actual ‘moral of the story’ is delivered, concerning stereotypes and the need for daydreams. And if the hunka manstuff Bryan Dattilo really is a star from “Days of Our Lives,” it’s time I sat down to re-think my stance on viewing lame soaps … just watch him bend over, and when you get all tingly, too, you’ll know what I’m talkin’ about.

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