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By Admin | July 10, 2001

In the streets of New York City, young girls are banding together to form an alliance bound by black leather. Gangs like the Ponies and the Glitter Girls cruise the mean streets kicking a*s and taking no prisoners.
“Gang Girls 2000” focuses on Ruffian (Cabiria Cardinale) the tough-as-nails leader of the Ponies. She freely samples the nubile flesh of the young, naive Glitter girls and they gladly submit.
The girls’ arch enemies are a gang called the Sluts. Another crew of down-and-dirty ladies with nothing to lose and a truckload of attitude. When you add to the mix the Blades–redheaded female thugs out of Chinatown–there’s bound to be some real trouble a-brewin’. This comes when the fabulous Glitter Girls wander onto the Blades turf. The switchblades come out and the Girls beat a hasty retreat.
In the midst of all this cartoonish violence, we learn that the Sluts–from Brooklyn–are one of the oldest girl gangs around. They are accorded a sort of grudging respect by the other gangs, even though each wants nothing more than to take their foes down…In more ways than one.
But it’s not all razorblades and zip guns for our shapely heroines. In fact, there’s a good, old-fashioned pillow fight that just shows that girls will be girls, even when they’re sporting more gnarly tats than Henry Rollins. Of course, not all pillow fights turn into all-out makeout sessions, as this one does. But, damn it, they should!
What can you say about a street gang that likes to get “revved up” before a rumble by riding horses and taking a few spins on a carousel at the local carnival? I don’t know, but they look pretty goddamn mean, anyway.
This movie has sexy chicks, campiness to spare and a rockin’ soundtrack. First-time filmmaker Katrina Del Mar has put together a really fun, energized little movie that takes its low budget constraints and turns them into strengths. The film looks (and sounds) gritty, which suits the material perfectly. And with a cast that includes Runaways cofounder Kari Krome and Kembra Pfahler of the Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black–“Gang Girls 2000” is everything you could want in an indie flick and more.

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