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By Rory L. Aronsky | May 26, 2006

All eyes and ears need to be at attention on AtomFilms quickly. There is a movement going on at the site that would almost be impossible if it wasn’t front and center and true. Their new venture for filmmakers, AtomFilms Studios, where they fund original productions, has produced a few short films of staggering quality in its debut. Literally, staggering. Your eyes widen, your mouth gets heavy from your upper lip nearly reaching the ceiling and your lower one halfway to the floor, because AtomFilms has found success. Genuine success. Any filmic venture is a risk, gambling money, time, and creativity, but here is one animated short film that shows that what AtomFilms is doing is necessary for the Internet, new entertainment and opportunity beyond what’s already on that massive website.

And all seriousness still in place, “Game Over” is one of the top films ever made about video games. It’s only two minutes, but there is love all over for the video games we’ve never forgotten, even though we don’t play them as often, sometimes not at all: Frogger, Pac Man, or as it’s seen here, Pac Man College Edition! Pac Man is a pizza and the ghosts are boxers or gym shorts or whatever you put on down there to cover up. And with Frogger, Slim Jims are floating in the river! Other games follow.

Pes is one of the great hidden animators on the Internet, so hidden in fact that this is the first time I even knew he existed. He’s got imagination that would usually constitute having two or three brains in one head. Maybe Pes does have that many in that noggin. You’ve definitely not seen food used like this before. For AtomFilms, this new investment within the company is going to pay off as if they had won all the money there is in Vegas. “Game Over” is proof of that.

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