By Mark Bell | June 9, 2007

CineVegas continues, and we’re keeping up the pace. Crazy that it’s Saturday already, feels like I just got here. Then again, this festival has a way of running the days together (lack of sleep makes for a very consistent feel). First night here I fell asleep around 3am, and woke up promptly at 6am because my body is stupid like that. The good news? Those three hours of rest felt like 40, and I can’t think of any time where I’ve felt so refreshed.

Did a fun interview with Mike O’Connell and Jesse Eisenberg from “The Living Wake” today. Glorious, absurd film, really commits to being over-the-top absurd, and I really dug it. The interview was a bit nonsensical too, as we covered practically every subject you can think of, from editing internet video out of context to get people in trouble to the possibility of Nelson Mandela being the president of your apartment complex. They’re witty, I’m a shitty interviewer… golden.
Oh, and in case you’re wondering, Mike also did an amazing music video “What’s It Gonna’ Be?” that everyone should go watch now. I’ll wait… back? Good. Now go watch Jesse in “The Squid and the Whale”… preferably after you finish reading this, as that movie is a bit longer, and you might forget to read the rest of this if you go see that brilliant film instead.

Tonight is the big night for “My Name is Bruce,” the meta-horror-comedy starring Bruce Campbell as himself fighting demons as his character Ash. Follow that? Expect a report from Don or I in the morning, as it’s an 11pm screening and we won’t be able to write anything up until after midnight. Oh, and I’ve heard a few things about maybe, possibly, definitely that Bruce will be in attendance this evening.  Cannot 100% confirm anything, but the person who mentioned it to me would know, s’all I’m saying.  So buy your damn tickets already, and then come sit with Don and I. I’m the one in the purple Mooby’s workshirt over the yellow “Monkey Warfare – I F**k the Man!”

No partying planned for me this evening, burned the candle a bit too much last evening. Not that I’m hurting, but getting back to the hotel room at 5am is a bad precedent to set so early on. Plus, you know, Bruce Campbell… brilliant…

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