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By Admin | October 4, 2004

The story of one man’s life in relation to the word “f**k,” is a short film (13 minutes) that has the potential to be feature-length. Using all kinds of filmmaking, from Pixel Vision, animation, as well as 16 and 35mm film, the story of Jimmy and his life told through the word “f**k” is a f*****g interesting one. “F**k” explores all facets and meanings of the word, from a child’s first discovery of it and his first utterance at the dinner table, to a couple f*****g, and to yet another couple telling each other to f**k themselves. “F**k” is used as an intensifier in barroom banter (“that was f*****g depressing,”) and as an _expression of things coming to an end (“f**k….”). In every sense, “f**k” has become more than just a word in our vocabulary, and “F**k” captures this notion very well. “F**k” shows the audience how, as human beings, “f**k” is a word they use in their daily lives without even thinking about it. Perhaps funniest when used as a noun, like when a kid’s grandpa calls him “a little f**k,” “F**k” explores the range of meaning and consequent emotions the very special word holds. In a sense, “F**k” is an etymological study of a word consistently believed to be taboo, and with all the gratuitous “fucks” in film nowadays, it’s refreshing to see a filmmaker take on the word firsthand and turn it into a f*****g good piece of filmmaking.

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