By Barry Robison | January 17, 2002

There’s dumb, and there’s dumber. And then there’s “Dumb and Dumber.” Apparently the dumbest of the dumb are Canadians. Whether it’s the filmmakers or the subjects of this mockumentary is debatable. Farrell (Gordon Skilling) follows around long-haired head-bangers Dean (Paul Spence) and Terry (David Lawrence), on what is presumably his first feature. Farrell is left behind the scenes in the first hysterical twenty minutes of Pilsner swilling fun. We see Dean and Terry drink, play bass guitar, drink, reminiscence about old times, and oh yeah, drink. A few interviews with Dean’s mom and his boss setup what is obvious: this guy is a loser.
Instead of exploring the lives of these three losers, the head-bangers and the guy who mysteriously thinks a documentary about head-bangers is a good idea, the film takes a detour toward absurdity as we discover Dean has cancer. While the performances of the Unambiguously Drunk Duo is spectacular, Farrell looks spaced out and bored most of the time; bored while he tells Dean’s baby momma about the testicular death threat; bored while they booze it up and hire a hooker. Did I mention I was also bored? While the movie didn’t go long without providing some sort of laugh, I couldn’t help but feel the wasted potential of this slapstick comedy.

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