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By Chris Parcellin | January 30, 2001

“Robert” is making his father a fruitcake for Christmas. Well, it seems he doesn’t like Dad, so he brings the fruitcake mix out in the street and lets a bunch of filthy derelicts spit in it — prior to baking. Then we have the funny, funny spectacle of seeing his family eat the fruitcake.
Why does Robert hate his father? We don’t know, because he never explains this. For the short time that we see the old sport, he seems like a decent enough fellow. So, perhaps Robert is just an a*****e. There are a lot of unanswered questions here, but who cares? It’s just not funny. There are plenty of vid-cam movies out there that aren’t even worth the videotape they were shot on. This is one of those movies.

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  1. Chris Sobieniak says:

    It is a shame such videos are made at all really (seemed like in the 90’s you had a lot of these that pop up often showing people being a-holes to their parents or relatives through such acts). I see this “Huck Botko” fellow put the film up on Vimeo already so if anyone feels like ruining 9 minutes of their day, be my guest…

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