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By Michael Ferraro | April 25, 2005

“Frog Hair” basically attempts to be a new school “Caddyshack” but doesn’t quite hit the green. The exposition seems endless and countless jokes just end up in the sand trap. The film centers on about six characters (each with their own set of problems) but if only it centered on the three most interesting ones, the run time would have slimmed down a bit and the audience would have been a little less punished.

Narrated by a golf club (you read right) and balanced with an interesting western/folksy soundtrack, “Frog Hair” tells the story about numerous characters each with a deep love or fixation with the game of golf. All the typical sport character clichés – the man so addicted to the sport that his wife forbids him to play it, the guy practicing his skills so he can win a hefty cash prize after a tournament, etc. – are in this film too. Did I forget to mention the stoner dude?

The term “Frog Hair” is definitely a slang term but not the kind one would think. In this world, it refers to the fringe of grass surrounding a green on the golf court. Not the kind of term one would expect to hear on ESPN’s SportsCenter but wouldn’t be surprised if it was tossed around the Jackson trial.

Shot with High-Definition cameras, the film is full of bright colors complemented by the right amount of lighting. At the end of the day, however, this film is simply a less-than-average attempt at the comedic sports genre. Perhaps if the influences weren’t so blatantly obvious or characters did something unexpected, a little more enjoyment could have been had with it. Instead, we are left in the rough.

If you enjoy films about golf (even though there aren’t too many produced that often), “Frog Hair” could probably hold you over until another gets produced.

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