Incredible … Brilliant … Well Written … Innovative … all words that will never be used to describe Writer/Director George Haas’ new film entitled “Friends and Lovers”. It is the story of a group of “friends” who travel on a ski trip together and suddenly realize that they all want to have sex. Oh joy! While this may sound like the latest Michæl Ninn porn flick, don’t be fooled, it is not. In fact, the chemistry between these “friends” is so unconvincing that one can hardly believe that any of them would want to spend five minutes together, let alone an entire weekend. Somebody needs to relay the phrase “show don’t tell” to Mr. Haas because, as a viewer, we are never actually shown that these characters are indeed friends, just told. They have conversations that are as contrived and phoney as recent memory can recall. Even the twists and turns, what few there are, are all predictable and insulting.
In all fairness though, what the film lacks in good screenwriting it makes up for in absolutely awful acting. Stephen Baldwin, with his blonde hair, is ridiculous. Danny Nucci is as annoying as ever. Claudia Schiffer (the supermodel) can’t even play a stupid model convincingly, and in easily his WORST performance EVER, Robert Downey Jr. as the ski instuctor with the bad accent. At least Alison Eastwood and Suzanne Cryer are good at getting naked.
Overall, “Friends and Lovers” is bad film with a dreary script and an incompetent cast of “characters”. “Characters” being the key word because real people do NOT act or even react as this film would lead you to believe. Do not be surprised if you see “Friends and Lovers” on many “Worst of the Year” lists.

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