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By Film Threat Staff | July 26, 2003

A consortium of independent filmmakers, producers, engineers and investors have combined their strengths to create a haven for filmmakers with views. The movement, Cinema Libre (Free Cinema), will support increased freedom in the content or form of feature length films produced domestically and abroad. The group encourages politically charged and socially conscious filmmakers and patrons to unite in order to create more films that express freedom, originality, minority viewpoints, global perspectives and artistic exploration, including documentaries and foreign films, and make them available to audiences.
To launch this movement, Cinema Libre’s plans include: a production slate, a studio for independent filmmakers, an international distribution network, a non-profit foundation and a film festival slated for 2004. In order to support fellow filmmakers and producers, the group will open Cinema Libre Studio June 10th, 2003, in Canoga Park, CA. The 6500 sq. ft. studio offers one-stop shopping for independent filmmakers including production office rentals, top-of-the-line editing suites (film and digital), an 18-seat screening room with 35mm and digital projection, special effects and graphic suites, film scan, and transfer capabilities from digital video to 35mm. In addition to post-production rentals and services, Cinema Libre Studio offers executive production, co-production and package deals for services, and domestic/international distribution and representation. The Cinema Libre Foundation is scheduled to launch Q4 2003 and the Cinema Libre Film Festival is slated for 2004 in Los Angeles.
With the opening of the studio, Cinema Libre’s priority is to produce (5) five films per year. Their production slate for 2003/2004 includes; “MUNDA MATA”, the story of two brothers on opposing sides of Cesar Chavez’s union, written and directed by Luis Valdez (La Bamba), “SOLDIER CHILD”, based on the true story of a nine year old Ugandan boy, kidnapped and forced into the rebel army, written and directed by Neil Abramson (Ringmaster), and “SLEEPING ON STONES”, a look at the Palestinian-Israeli conflict through the relationships of three boys, one Jewish, one Christian and one Muslim, to be directed by Nicole Ballivian.

For more information contact R.J. Rousso, (323)933-4646, or check out cinema libre studio website.

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