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By Doug Brunell | May 26, 2005

Finally, a film made by a******s for a******s. Sadly, though, the people behind this film will probably take that as a compliment. It’s not.

The back of the DVD box says this is the “most controversial video you may ever see.” It’s not. It’s definitely one of the dumbest, though, and it lacks any taste whatsoever. Of course, if you like guys shitting on each other’s heads, jumping a gay guy (though he does want them to), and surfing on cow corpses (and apparently a human corpse at the end of the film, too), then this is the film for you. You can watch it right after recess.

“Freak Fight” is one of those films that seems to get its validation from “Jackass.” The difference between the two is obvious, however. “Jackass” is actually funny. All the imitators are just that — imitators, and they aren’t very good at it. It’s just guys who never grew up armed with a camera, some beer and bad ideas (like letting someone snort the ashes of a dead relative). There’s something else about these films that strikes me as kind of odd, too, and it’s a feature that’s readily apparent in this one.

Most of these “Jackass” clones have a strong homoerotic vibe to them. Granted, there’s usually a nude female thrown in here or there, but they are always outside the action. What you see more of is guys exposing themselves to each other, dry humping, and other general homoerotic mayhem. It’s as if they want to experiment with “the other side,” but are somehow afraid to do it, and this is how it manifests itself. It’s handled like a gag, but there is an air of seriousness to it that can’t be denied. In this film, which centers a lot around what Freud would call the anal stage, the young men routinely jump each other, act out sex acts with socks, and spend a lot of time around a guy known as Stan the F*g, who likes to be beat by young men. They also play around with excrement, which is a staple in certain genres of gay porn. The psychological implications of this are clear to a first year psych student, but one has to wonder if these uber males understand them. I’d say they don’t, but that’s just me.

Folks, this DVD is proof that morons still run free out there, unlike
Metal Bum, who probably died in some alcohol-related accident. For all you parents who wonder what your kids are up to — if it’s anything like what’s on this release, you’re going to wish you put them up for adoption when you had the chance.

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