Frankie is a disturbed kid who needs to be restrained. Why? Because he’s been known to bite big chunks out of himself as well as performing other disgusting acts of self-mutilation. Along with that, he’s also faked seizures, and “had a problem with shitting” as his friend says.
Frankie gets to have his say, as well — but it’s mostly unintelligible. Some subtitles might’ve been nice. What emerges from the interviews with his mother and friends is a portrait of a master manipulator, albeit a deeply troubled one. “He’s a real trip,” says his mom, in classic understatement. Frankie obviously loves using his problems to make himself the center of attention at all times, and he’s wildly successful at that.
“Frankie of the Head” is fascinating and unique, and it provides an unflinching view of the life of the ultimate outsider.

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