By Steve Anderson | April 19, 2007

Unless Frankenstein’s worst bloody nightmare ever was boredom, this movie is grossly, grossly, mistitled.As far as I can tell plotwise, and I’m easily a mile off on this one, some modern-day Frankenstein has reanimated the dead which has gone off on a killing spree.

The presentation of this largely unsensible plot is so dull and lifeless that, at several points throughout the hour and fifteen minute film, I very nearly fell asleep. When I wasn’t being actively bored to tears and beyond into sleep, I was being treated to a dizzying array of infra-red camera shots, flashes that might trigger epileptic episodes (not kidding here, they might.

You may want to consult a physician before watching “Frankenstein’s Bloody Nightmare”, if you even bother.), and then, for no real reason, shots of nothing at all. Just pitch black emptiness.
All in all, I’ve seen some real winners in my day, but “Frankenstein’s Bloody Nightmare” takes the cake. Seventy-six minutes of not much at all.

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