By Eric Campos | September 25, 2005

Apathy, technology, paranoia, disease and medication. It’s a surprise that anyone truly falls in love anymore. In the realm of courting, things have changed radically since the good old days of heading down to the sock hop with a trip to the Point to follow. I’m reminded of a sketch in “Amazon Women on the Moon” where Steve Guttenberg shows up at a date’s apartment only to have her check his ID. She swipes his card and pulls up a bunch of hia personal info on her computer, most of it bad. That was a pretty funny sketch back in ’87, but now, with today’s technology, it’s downright creepy. This technology is now changing the way people form relationships…for better or for worse. We have a whole new generation of wannabe lovers who don’t even have to leave the comfort of their rumpus rooms to find that special someone. And it’s this technology that brings our two sweethearts together in “Four Eyed Monsters”. Let the apathy, technology, paranoia, disease and medication begin. The medication is for you in case all of this starts to give you a nervous breakdown.

Meet Arin. Arin is a shy videographer who finds it too much to handle to go out and meet girls, so he sets up an account on a singles website, posting info and pictures, awaiting for the flood of emails from available women to hit his inbox. The flood never comes, save for one email from Susan, a struggling artist who finds her job as a waitress stifling her own personal work. Susan is also on the shy side and is seeking an alternative to the classic dating situation. When Arin and Susan finally meet, that alternative dating situation comes to life as the two refuse to communicate verbally with each other, wanting to avoid bullshit small talk. Instead, when they do need to communicate to each other, they pass a pen and pad back and forth. If you think everything up to this point has been weird, wait until they first have sex with the aftermath bringing an unwelcome surprise. If you don’t think any of this is weird, then you’re probably part of the millions out there who are just like Arin and Susan and this movie is going to touch you in ways that’ll make you blush and laugh out loud.

“Four Eyed Monsters” is an uber-modern romance story that’s powered with raw honesty and coated with wild imagination that creates a kind of fairy tale world with consequences as these characters try to figure out just who the hell they are, what it is they’re doing and hoping to find a little love along the way. In the realm of modern romantic movies, this one hits all the right spots and it makes it hurt so good.

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