By Film Threat Staff | June 20, 2001

A weekend of strangeness will be presented at The Coolidge Corner Theatre Friday, June 22 & Saturday, June 23 for the FOUND FOOTAGE FILM FESTIVAL. It’s a whole weekend of strange, unsettling, and hillarious archival footage culled from the Coolidge’s private collection of vintage classroom films, the archives of the Berwick Research Institute, and the massive video libraries of private collectors about town. All shows only $5. Get a load of the festival program:
Friday at 7:30pm ^ IT’S LADIES NIGHT ^ A collection of rarely seen footage chronicling the history of women in rock and roll. Includes footage of the Ronettes, the Shangi-Las, Nancy Sinatra, The Runaways, The Slits, Nina Hagen, Siouxsie & the Banshees, and more more more! Curated by Amy Harmon.
Friday at 10pm ^ THE SUBLIMINAL DELERIUM OF THE VISUAL CHILD ^ Hypnotically bizzare clips from the past 50-odd years of children’s television and film that have helped in nurturing the modern head-case. Puppets and cartoons that try to teach children right from wrong, but they don’t get it quite right. See how visual culture has turned you into such a screwed-up-grown-up. Curated by Dan Cashman.
Friday at midnite ^ 16MM ODDITIES: featuring TELEZONIA ^ Lurking in the basement archives of the Coolidge are several years worth of old classroom films and other assorted oddities. We’ve picked the cheesy cream from the top, including: the afterschool special and anti-drinking yarn JUST ALONG FOR THE RIDE; a history of Xerox commercials starring monkeys and children; how to spot sexual harassment in the workplace (from the 70s); and the Ma Bell promotional oddity TELEZONIA (donated by Coolidge friend John Stout). Plus weird trailers and other odd bits of fluff.
Saturday at 10pm ^ THE CLOWN & THE KILLER ^ The scum of the earth make the most interesting movies. Take a tour through the montage-mayhem in a perverted brain. Features old school film clips of clown sex, puppet perversion, dead kids, nazis, roadkill, sex, sex, sex, violence, violence, violence and other such joys. This one may be a little ruff for sensitive viewers. Curated by Dan Cashman.
Saturday at midnite ^ 16MM ODDITIES: featuring FUTURE SHOCK ^ A super-fat Orson Wells wanders the streets in a spooky black cloak and explores FUTURE SHOCK, an exploration of modern life and how artificial components are taking over the world. Also, don’t miss the indescribable cautionary tale THE BOY WHO LIKED DEER, where a bad seed learns that his love for animals can’t fully temper his wild side. Plus other weird s**t! Presented by the Berwick Research Institute.
It’s sure to be a bang-up afair full…”things” you may never see again! Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime weekend! See the whole program at The Coolidge Corner Theatre at 290 Harvard St., Brookline, MA 02446 and call 617-734-2501.
Get full details a the official Coolidge Corner Theatre web site.
Check out’s FILM FESTIVAL ARCHIVES for more fest news!

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