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By Film Threat Staff | June 12, 2002

UPDATED 6/12: Forrest J. Ackerman (aka “Forry” and “Mr. Science Fiction”) has been recovering from illness in Los Angeles, CA. The following information was provided by Anne Hardin and received by Brad Linaweaver. Brad is
making this available to those who want to know about
FJA’s condition:
On March 23rd Forry Ackerman was admitted to Kaiser Permanente Hospital, where it was discovered he had a blood clot on his brain. Immediate surgery wasperformed and the clot successfully removed. Forry’s progress over the next few days was good. However, as is generally the case in a patient of Forry’s age, fluid accumulated in the depression of the clot, and a second surgery was performed.
This surgery left Forry with paralysis of his right side and robbed him of his speech. Heavy medication to prevent possible seizures exacerabated these sensory losses. After medication was decreased, he began to recover motion and speech.
I went out on April 12th at his request to give moral support. Therapy began at Kaiser and on April 15, he was transferred to Daniel Freeman Memorial Hospital for rehabilitation. His progress there was miraculous, but a second obstacle was waiting. On the evening of April 26th, a bladder infection as a result of frequent catheterizations sent Forry into great pain with septic shock. His condition was critical and hour-to-hour for 72 hours. Few people survive the level of infection he reached. The infection became pneumonia in his left lung, which, as anyone who has suffered this illness, leaves one extremely debilitated. Numerous specialists were called in and Forry pulled through. He was sent back to Kaiser Permanente about 10 days later (I’m not sure of the date because we were waiting for bed to open in intensive care).
He is now at a convelescent hospital in LA and expected to be there for at least two more weeks. His speech is quite good, and he is exercising with a walker. His is still on oxygen to ease the burden on his lungs, even though the pneumonia is no longer present. His various hospital tenures now total 10 weeks. The trauma of this experience has yet to leave Forry daunted about his future, though he will need around-the-clock care for quite some time once he
returns home. He will be on a fairly strict regimen of rest, therapy, and diet to get his body back up to speed. He will welcome visitors as soon as he’s settled back in.

Film Threat will post further updates as they arrive.
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