Did you know that Dustin Diamond, aka Screech from the original “Saved by the Bell,” was spotted at Disneyland with his dad, and a gorgeous lady friend, in tow? And the latest on Nancy McKeon, that spunky Jo from the classic “Facts of Life,” reports that she refused to be in the upcoming made-for-T.V. reunion flick unless she could cameo in a coffin. Then again, do you care? Many do, which is why the folks at Former Child Star have their hands full charting the whereabouts of the pint-sized stars of yesteryear.
The [ Former Child Star site ] also reveals the latest on Ingrer Nillson, formerly Pippi in the freaky, poorly-dubbed “Pippi Longstocking” flicks of the ’70s — she’s unemployed, save for some stints in community theatre. The site also houses news on the Former Child Star book tour, as well as the video, which stars “Jack in the Box” kid Rodney Allen Rippey in a tale of former child stars and the support groups that love them.
Much more, including a comprehensive child star links page, can be found at [ Former Child Star central. ]

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