By admin | February 4, 2006

Soap opera acting has never been so soapy, nor has it ever been so awful. Someone did this on purpose and for that they are not forgiven.

Campaigning for the Senate is tough enough, but for District Attorney Peter Miles, tough isn’t even the half of it. (I should be writing narration for movie trailers.) Miles discovers that the governor has exonerated death row inmate Ronald Bradley, a man whom Miles had prosecuted five years prior. Furthermore, it is discovered that there was some shady business surrounding the prosecution, kept secret till now. Soon, Miles finds his attention shifting away from his campaign, focusing more on the ex-convict who’s coming his way.

Right about now we’re all thinking about “Cape Fear,” right? Right. And while there are certainly similarities, you’ll soon forget about them due to the lackluster TV movie quality of this film, featuring some of the most embarrassing, soap opera hammy performances you’re bound to ever see. But this is also a plus, as you at least have something to laugh at if you ever find yourself confronted by this movie. So, for fans of cheeseball TV movies, this is a MUST SEE! For everyone else, forget “Forgiven.”

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