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By Felix Vasquez Jr. | January 23, 2008

I’m admittedly a bit tired of movies revolving around youths in the Bronx, lately. Sure, there’s a lot of s**t that young people face in New York City, but you don’t automatically need gritty New York to perpetuate the indie tone. “Force 1TD” almost convinced me that director Krallman was going for yet another short film in the Bronx, and managed to take the concept and create a sweet, funny, and awfully originally short road trip movie. Krallman focuses on Luis, a young man who happens to be blind. He lives and follows his daily routine by a small white guiding horse named Carmine, who attracts spectators and questions from whomever they come across. A common unique alternative, the miniature horses have wide bulgy eyes that are used as guiding animals to walk the blind around ( There’s a big occasion coming up and Luis needs special sneakers for Carmine.

The horse gets around on the sneakers due to the animal’s inability to walk on hard floors without slipping, so his friends Vincent and Chris scour the internet looking for the special shoes and travel to New Jersey thanks to a dealer who can supply special sneakers without waiting for delivery. It’s not often I can sit in awe at a short film, but “Force 1TD” takes characters who really commit to helping their friend and risking the punishment by an older sibling after they steal his car, and experience various obstacles along the way all to help Luis, who refuses to go to this special occasion without sneakers for Carmine. Just the same, Krallman sheds some interesting light on the guiding horse and will likely turn blind individuals with allergies to dogs on to these small animals. The climax to “Force 1TD” is not only surprising, but utterly hilarious as we learn the fate of the young men and Carmine all through a single group photo, and Krallman creates a short that informs while entertaining.

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